Grammar: conforming or improving?

I have been struggling with something for a few years. Who says that a specific set of grammar rules is right? While I have not specifically studied the history of grammar of the modern American English language, it is my belief that it is based on the writings of the white, elite men. That is to say, it is the “white” culture that decided what was proper English. But stating that it is “white” culture is another one of my points. There is country and inner-city English, neither of which conform to the standard rules of English grammar. And within … Continue reading Grammar: conforming or improving?

Be the grading difference

I have written a previous post on grading called The Potential of Success talking about my fear of failure in writing this blog. Well, I was right, I haven’t been posting twice a week as I promised myself, but I am still posting twice a week as much as I can. I have “failed” as I set out on goals, but I am no longer afraid of “failure,” I know I will continue to improve, and in the meantime, do the best I can. But just as the letter “F” scares me, upon reflection, I don’t know what the other letters mean. … Continue reading Be the grading difference

Grit, Money, and Moral Support in Education

Americans have a long tradition of throwing money at a problem. Our focus on the government budget is just one example. But money does not resolve every problem, or even most problems. Andreas Schleicher, in his TED talk goes into great detail about data mining and the findings as a result of research done on education systems from around the world. What he found was that money does help education, up to and including a certain point. Basic supplies and well paid teachers are very necessary to a good classroom. However, he goes on to explain that at a certain … Continue reading Grit, Money, and Moral Support in Education

Where should we draw the line regarding computers?

As my father would have said in the 1980s, computers are the future of education. He went on to work for Person County Schools in North Carolina promoting the use of technology before I was born, received his masters in education from North Carolina State University, and in the process was promoted to work for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction from which he retired when I was in grade school. He created his own company when entrepreneurship and small business was not common, but had the right idea at the right time and was named one of the … Continue reading Where should we draw the line regarding computers?

The potential of success

When I began this blog, I wrote at least five blog entries without even seriously considering publishing. I have a history of beginning blogs and then forgetting about them. I was afraid of continuing this pattern. I was afraid of failing again. I feel as though this was instilled in me early in grade school. Just like many students, I have fear of the letter F on a report card. I am afraid of failing. It kept my ideas from spreading to those with other great ideas and more experience, and our ideas coming together to find solutions. I heard a TedTalk by … Continue reading The potential of success

The Public Education System Failed Me

As I have developed a passion for reinventing education, I have looked at the educational background of those I aspire to be. What I found were many Ivy League undergraduate degrees, a path that was not open to me based on my grade school academic achievements. I am intelligent, I got good grades, I have supportive parents, I was never wanting for anything. So why am I only now finding my passion, and realizing how detrimental my educational background is on my future. I can probably trace my problem back to Elementary School. I was taught the same way every single other student … Continue reading The Public Education System Failed Me