Grammar: conforming or improving?

I have been struggling with something for a few years. Who says that a specific set of grammar rules is right? While I have not specifically studied the history of grammar of the modern American English language, it is my belief that it is based on the writings of the white, elite men. That is to say, it is the “white” culture that decided what was proper English.

But stating that it is “white” culture is another one of my points. There is country and inner-city English, neither of which conform to the standard rules of English grammar. And within each of these cultures can be found people of all different skin colors.

So why do we teach a certain set of grammar rules? Because they are what is considered intelligent, as deemed by elite, white males. In order to succeed in this world, an individual must speak using proper English grammar.

But do you believe this is conformity to the standard, a killing of culture, or is it teaching success? How important is it that we kill this culture? How important is it that we make American culture conform to succeed? We teach other aspects of conformity, nudist colonies are considered outside of the realm of what is appropriate, but it is simply the human body that is freed.

My point is this, if an individual can string a series of words together and can communicate and be understood with this string of words, why can these sentences not be accepted? What makes one sentence more acceptable than another?


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